Relax in the pools overlooking the Gulf of Alghero!

In the classical world, otium (idleness) was the time devoted to pax, contemplatio, philosophia (peace, contemplation, philosophy). Through reading and meditation, poetry and music, the pleasure of the senses and that of the intellect, it was considered possible to dedicate oneself to the most noble of the arts and research: rediscovering our own uniqueness compared with the multiplicity of reality.



A pleasant conversation, a book, a drink, a game of billiards...

Open-Air swimming-pool

The open-air swimming-pool looks out over the Bay, in a small basin sheltering you from curious glances. It is filled with sea-water, unheated and available throughout the summer months. During the winter months, however, the covered, heated pool of the Spa is open, also filled with sea-water

Indoor swimming-pool

The indoor swimming-pool enjoys a view of Capo Caccia to the west, and the Bay of Alghero to the north. It is filled with sea-water, heated and available throughout the year. It is equipped with air massage and cross-current swimming. The atmosphere is relaxed and romantic, by day and by night.