Nullus locus sine Genio - no place is without a Genius, they asserted.


The sea pervades Villa Las Tronas, with its salty air, breezes, the crashing of the waves and hypnotic lapping of surf. What we call the "character of a place" was, for the ancient Romans, the manifestation of its divine protector, known as the Genius loci.
Nullus locus sine Genio - nessun luogo è senza un Genio, affermavano.

Villa Las Tronas has a distinctive "character" and is permeated by a Genius loci which the most sensitive people perceive and love.

A separate world, by which free spirits can let themselves be captivated: as happened in the past to the Princesses of Savoy, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Samuel Beckett, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton...


In this section we are happy to publish photos, drawings, poems and stories by those who love Villa Las Tronas as we love it.