Old Town of Alghero: history, traditions and architecture

Alghero, To Visit.


The large, well-conserved historic centre of Alghero, is characterised by the impressive ruins of the town walls, towers, Aragonese palaces and Gothic-Catalan churches, in particular the Cathedral (14th-19th C.) and St. Francis’ Church (14th C.) with its splendid cloisters.

The Municipal Historic Archives permit documents dating from 1260 to approximately 1954 to be consulted.

At the edge of the town those keen on archaeology must make a visit to the Anghelu Ruju Necropolis (3.500 B.C.) and the Palmavera nuraghe complex (10th - 7th Centuries B.C.).

In a radius of some forty kilometres, among the many places and monuments to be seen in the countryside around Alghero, the tomb of Santu Pedru are worth noting, as well as the Antiquarium with Roman excavations in Porto Torres and the prehistoric altar (the only one in the Mediterranean!) of Monte d’Accoddi.

In Sassari the Museo Nazionale G. A. Sanna houses a collection of important finds from the Paleolithic Era to the Middle Ages, passing through the Neolithic and the nuraghic, Punic and Roman civilisations; the museum also has an art gallery and a notable ethnographic collection which is one of the most interesting in Sardinia.