Riviera del Corallo, the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea!

Alghero, Nature.


Alghero is situated on the bay of the same name to the south of Capo Caccia. The countryside is famous for its olive groves and vineyards. The coast, known as the Riviera del Corallo, is rich in little coves, creeks, reefs, unpolluted beaches and pinewoods. Vast areas of Mediterranean macchia.

Flora and fauna of notable naturalistic interest.

The Porto Conte regional nature park is a special place to explore. Punta Cristallo offers the chance to watch the majestic flight of griffons.

Neptune’s Grottoes, frequented since prehistoric times, are not to be missed; they can be reached either by sea or by land, by way of the picturesque Escala del Cabirol ("Deer’s Stairway").

Also worthy of note are the grotte dei colombi ("pigeon’s grottoes"), the grotta verde ("green grotto") and the little isle of Foradada.

Plenty of ground to explore ...